Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Design Inspiration: Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson
Mid-century house living room
  Around 7 years ago I was exhausted after a day at work and plopped down in front of the the T.V.. There was nothing on but a show on HGTV called Room Service.  A cute, bobbed host announced herself, "Hi, I'm Sarah Richardson" capturing my attention with her calm demeanor and classic, bright design aesthetic.  I have been a fan since that first show and have followed her through the Design Inc., Sarah's House, and Sarah 101 incarnations (and fashion evolution).  She has remained true to her initial appeal: tons of white, touches of color, and classically styled spaces that are never trend- driven or gimmicky.  When I see a "Sarah" room, I know that it is styled to last, yet the spaces are far from boring or, just as bad, overdone.  She is unafraid to try new things but within the bounds of good taste and her own authentic vision.  I won't gush (and there are many designers that I admire and study) but let's just say, given the opportunity, I would do just about anything to see her at the next home and garden show in Canada!

Victorian house den/office

Victorian house Master
Farmhouse mudroom
Cottage family room


You are living the life Sarah; and you know what? You deserve it!

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