Monday, October 31, 2011


Chocolate just sounds better than brown!
November 2011
That is a lot of chocolate for me, but it is beautiful and 
it inspired my outfit.

Nate Burkus room:  I like the white against the chocolate.
Sarah Richardson bathroom:
I prefer brown like this: wood tones as opposed to paint.
John Saladino room:  Okay, maybe I spoke too soon!  This
room is stunning.  I might add, though, that this is a deep chocolate
with lots of grey in it.  

In honor of Halloween and all of the chocolate that will be consumed, I thought I would spotlight this delectable color.  I have to admit that when it comes to decorating, brown is not my favorite color, but hey, taken in small doses, chocolate is healthy right?  I am loving the rusty browns of the season as an accent in my wardrobe and my home, mixed with a few hits of cocoa brown to mix it up.  I also love that blue is lovely with brown and off-sets it's innate warmth (which, for me, can be stifling).  

I always change out the throw pillows in my home for the seasons.  I will
always have white furniture, so I can have fun with color on the pillows.  
I always like blue and green, so my area rug has those colors but there is also
a ground tone of grey-brown as well as a warm brown accent--this makes it possible
to add the warmer colors in the fall.

dress, belt, tights, bow necklace: Forever 21
long necklace: vintage
boots: Giani Bini
purse: Banana Republic

This outfit works for me because there isn't a single
tone of brown throughout:  the goal is not to look like
a baked potato!  The cocoa dress has a dark brown leaf accent
(that relates back to the leather on my belt, boots and purse) 

with turquoise flowers; I then paired it with rust tights.  Gold
jewelry is a must with such beautiful, coppery tones.

Maybe I will be a chocolate convert!  Or maybe I will just continue to love it in small amounts....as I certainly will tonight.

Happy Halloween!

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