Sunday, October 16, 2011

Minor Obsession

 I have had a small obsession with retro woodland inspired things for sometime now.  I guess it started a couple of years ago when my daughter and I were lucky enough to be shopping in Ireland and I picked up a cool little owl necklace made out of vintage coins.  (The coins are fakes; the necklace is from the popular store Accessorize, which now has an American website that doesn't do the actual stores justice.  It's great for grabbing inexspensive, on trend jewelry.)  Anyway, on the same trip we also went to Topshop in London and saw a lot of cutesy little woodland animal accessories for the home and office.  I know this trend has been around for a while now, but I just think they are so cute, and I think some of the woodland inspired pieces are perfect for fall.  The dress that I wore for our header picture fits this trend perfectly: it has a goregous mustard yellow skirt and the neckline of the cream top looks like a collection of fluttering leaves.  I do not have the coloring to wear mustard, which is a big color this season, so this dress really works for me; I get to wear the color, but since it is only on the skirt it doesn't wash me out.
Some woodland inspired pieces perfect for fall: 
dress: Dillard's
belt: Forever 21

Modcloth Fawn Print Dress

Floral Deer Set
(this has the sweetest little deer and bird print!)

Mulberry Carter Ballerina Flat

Modcloth Dragonflies Dress

Mulberry Sweater
(I love, love, love this!)

Some of the pieces below are almost too cute, but when worn correctly can add a sense of whimsy and quirkiness to a fall outfit.  
Little Fox Prince Ring

Retro Owls Pouch

Little Fox Price Locket

Fox belt

And these products are just plain cute.
     Cupcake Liners
Woodland Critter Set from SeaUrchin Studio
Rock Squirrel Notepad

from SweetiePieCaketopper(look at those cute little woodland creatures!)

Facsimile Frame(Cute as is, or change the pic out)

Anthropologie Tea & Crumpets apron(reminds me of my dress, and it comes in a kiddie
version so Mommy and Daughter can be equally stylish)

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