Monday, October 17, 2011

Hitchcock Style

  In general I love classic movies, and when it comes to Hitchcock I can't get enough.  I think it has to do with the look of his films:  every frame is thought out and has a distinct look and feel.  Glamour oozes from his stars as they make love and commit unspeakable acts.  I have even read Patrick McGilligan's book, Alfred Hitchcock: A Life In Darkness And Light.  This biography is filled with interesting inside gossip and personal stories (even though I wonder how much of it is based in fact).  This is the perfect time of year to fall in love with the fat little Englishman again!

Jean-Pierre Dufreigne's book, Hitchcock Style examines
film directer Alfred Hitchcock's unique contribution to film history and
the world of fashion at large.  Iconic objects, like Cary Grant's glass of
milk and Grace Kelly's handbag, are the things that come to
mind when we think of Hitchcock's style.  This book beautifully
examines the style that sets Hitchcock films apart.

Hitchock's costume designer Edith Head had a 
long distinguished career and influenced fashion 
during the 40's and 50's.  She was nominated for 
34 academy awards and won 8 (more than any other
woman ever).  She was also know to take credit for 
work she didn't do, signing her name to sketches
that belong to other designers.  

Tippi Hedren stared in The Birds, 1963 and
Marnie, 1964.  Supposedly Hitchcock was in
love with her.

Even though she isn't the most glamorous
Hitchcock siren, Ingrid Bergman is my favorite.
Not only because Notorious is my favorite film,
but because her acting style is still poignant.  

Notorious, 1946

Grace Kelly put the glamour in the Hitchcock film.
She is the one who most people think of when they

hear the term,"Hitchcock blond."

Grace Kelly appeared in Rear Window, 1954 
and To Catch a Thief, 1955

To Catch a Theif is a beautifully styled movie
though it doesn't have the best plot.

Kim Novak starred in Vertigo, 1958.  She and
Hitchcock did not get along and it is said
Hitchock didn't like her personal style because she
"wore too much color."

My Halloween Costume This Year!!!!
I got this idea from the editor-In-Chief of Country Living magazine, Sarah Gray Miller.  I loved it because it is clever and easy to put together.

My ode to The Birds.  I broke out my 60's style suit (though
it's hard to see it in this picture) and ratted my hair; a little
fake blood and some feathered friends (fiends) and I am all set!  

I gave up on my "scream face" because I looked just plain
weird!  Tippi Hedren I am not.

Those birds look so real!  

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