Thursday, October 27, 2011

Equestrian Interiors

Me and Crystal 1997

Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet

Like many little girls I grew up fascinated by horses.  My heart would beat a little faster if I spotted even an old nag in an abandoned field.  I loved the movie, National Velvet and have memories of setting my laundry hamper in front of the TV and riding along with the Pie and Velvet Brown.  My chance came in high school when I was able to have riding lessons and compete.  I worked very hard to pay for those lessons and I was never happier.  There is something in my blood that connects me to all things equine.

There is also something about equestrian style that just feels right for the fall.  Maybe it is the high contrast neutrals, or the rich wood tones. I am in love with these looks, and always have been.  I seem to go back and forth between light, bright and airy, and high contrast-so I do both! And why not?  I like how equestrian marries both traditional and modern elements with nature.  Equestrian style places an emphasis on creative display and use of equine essentials like trophies, saddles, bridles, and stirrups.  Designers such as Ralph Lauren have kept the equestrian aesthetic in the public eye for many years, and I believe that it is only becoming more popular.

I love over-scaled horse prints. It makes it modern yet timeless.
Classic equestrian--Ralph Lauren
creative art-shadow box with show ribbons.

A small touch of equestrian for any room.

Equestrian hook

Beautiful and dramatic equestrian dining room.

Example of equestrian painter John Ferneley's work.

Perfect equestrian kitchen.

Antique English saddles as art.

leather bridle tables. Fabulous!

This display is beautifully executed.

Modern equestrian sketch.

Beautifully designed equestrian modern chair.

More equestrian interiors to come!  One post is just not enough....

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