Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nautical Inspired Pieces I Wish Were Mine

See by Chloe cardigan--love!  Buy it here.
D&G blouse

I am in love with this Dolce and Gabbana anchor print blouse.  And the See by Chloe nautical inspired cardigan.  I just thought you should know that.  Actually, I have a thing for nautical style.  Always have.  When I was in the 6th grade, my family and I went to Northern California on vacation.  I had this little white denim Guess dress with a ruffled skirt that I wore when we were in Monterey.  We all ended up freezing up there, even though it was summertime, so we had to buy sweaters from a gift shop.  Mine was solid navy blue with the words "Monterey Bay" imprinted on the fabric.  I remember loving the look of that navy blue sweatshirt with my white dress.  I guess that is when my obsession was born.  To this day, navy is still one of my all time favorite colors for clothes.  And if that navy comes in something related to a nautical theme, forget it.  You can bet that I'm going to need whatever item fits the bill.
D&G t-strap pumps

Boat House Brunch Dress, Modcloth
Forever 21 tote
Forever 21 sailor tote
cuffed sailor shorts at Forever 21
Gianni Bini matey flats @ Dillard's


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