Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thrifted: Silk Skirt and Sketches

  Recently I was out shopping at some local thrift stores.  I was on my way to the Goodwill when I passed by another thrift store that I had pretty much forgotten about.  Against my daughter's wishes, I made the right hand turn into the parking lot and we went inside.  Our first stop was the counter up front, where I immediately spotted some old jewelry that I knew I needed.  I found two bracelets: one a silver bangle with bows and the other a gold chain with green beads.  I also found a black and white bead necklace which actually turned out to be two individual necklaces twisted together.  For all of the pieces I paid $5.  Instant gratification! I knew it would be a good idea to duck into this store, even though Alli was against it. 
      Next we looked at the house wares, where I was lucky again.  I scored four really cool cityscape sketches.  They were $6.99 each, which I thought was a little high, but I really liked them, so I grabbed all four.  The cheap black frames need to be changed out, but after they rang up at only $3.50 each, I figured that changing the frames is totally doable.      
     Next up, we looked at the clothes.  This place is usually only good for costume pieces, but I found this beautiful pleated silk skirt for only $2.99.  I haven't decided how I am going to style the skirt yet; I'm thinking another shopping trip might be in order.  Usually I try to buy pieces like this only when I already have something in my closet that will go with it, but I figured I couldn't pass it up for that price.  I have all these dangerous little things I tell myself to justify purchases like this.  In this case, I basically figured it would be a crime not to buy it.  It's 100% silk, after all.  I'll keep you posted when I figure out what to pair with my pretty little bargain.  All in all, this was a pretty successful little side trip.   


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  1. Wonderful treasures. I love the sense of style you two are sharing - and I especially like the accessibility.

    I'm loving the whole site.

    - Ryan



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