Monday, December 26, 2011

Arrested Development

While we are on vacation, Alli and I like to sit around watching entire seasons of shows on Netflix.  I know, mother of the year award, right?  We do get up off the couch and do things.  Fun things.  Active things.  Shopping comes to mind.  Anyway, we have watched season after season of  Buffy the Vampire Slayer (we actually finished that one) and Angel.  We have also watched Arrested Development. Well, Alli has watched parts of Arrested Development; it isn't always the most appropriate show for a ten year old.
When we got home tonight, we decided to watch a movie.  After scrolling through Netflix, we decided to go ahead and start our little vacation tradition with the best of the best- Arrested Development.  Why mess with perfection?!  This is one of those shows that you can watch over and over again and it never gets old.  There are so many gags and ongoing jokes and references that you can pick up on stuff you maybe didn't notice the first (or second, or third) time around.
The cast is fantastic.  You've got Jason Bateman (love him!), Will Arnett (hilarious!), David Cross (also hilarious!), Portia de Rossi (beautiful and hilarious!)-- the list goes on and on and on.  And that doesn't even cover the guest appearances.  I cannot tell you how much I love this show.  It is so off the wall and ridiculously out there- perfect for me and Alli.  If you've never seen it, you're missing out.  And if you have seen it, and love it as much as I do, then you'll be happy to know that new episodes and a movie are in the works!  I am so excited about this.  In the meantime, I will happily keep re-watching episodes with Alli.
Our favorite episodes are probably the ones where Tobias Funke, played by David Cross, deals with his medical affliction- he is a "never-nude."  He longs to be an actor, and auditions for the Blue Man group.  Subsequently, in several episodes, he walks around in blue body paint just in case he gets called in to substitute.  How can you not love this show?!

Alli asked Santa for a "Never Nude" Nutcracker, and he delivered!
He is holding a jar of blue body paint, there is a copy of the DSM IV,
a flier for the Blue Man Group, and Tobias is holding his own ad for
 "A blue man for less green."

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