Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas gifts for students

It's that time of year again, when the holidays are just around the corner.  For me that means I have a ton of stuff left to do.  I get a little knot in my stomach just thinking about it.  Report cards are due tomorrow, and our holiday party will be on Friday.  So of course now is the time I start to think about what to get my class for little gifts to send them off on vacation with.  In the past I have done little white mints with Jack Skellington's face drawn on with edible marker.  The mints were glued onto little decorated business cards.  I have also done those with regular snowmen faces, Christmas trees, and menorahs.  I got the idea from a Christmas magazine, that featured these cute little guys.
Super cute and super easy; just make sure to make really sticky royal icing or the icing/glue will dry and will no longer hold the mints to anything.  Not that I speak from experience or anything, of course, as that would imply failure on my part and that just doesn't happen, even if I am up past midnight the night before the holiday party trying to get the last mint glued on for my 90th student.  Thankfully now that I teach 5th grade I only have to worry about 30 gifts.  Much easier.  Last year I bought movie size candy like milk duds and skittles (the kind that comes in a box), wrapped them in white paper, drew snowmen faces on them, tied a little red ribbon for a scarf, and voila!  Perfect little pre wrapped gifts for about a buck each.

from MamasCraftyBlogspot
Mine did not have cute little hats (oh my gosh, I think those are little black gloves- that is even more cute!  Especially for the little kiddos who don't have gloves.  I love this).  I didn't think of that.  My kids got fake ribbon scarves.  Oh well.
I've done other things too for gifts, but always at the last minute.  Maybe this year I won't be up until after midnight the night before the party trying to get this stuff done.  (Yeah right.)
Here are a couple more cute little ideas for easy(ish) gifts for a small crowd.

Better Homes and Garden circa 1960- Marshmallow Men,
found at Pam's Blog

How adorable are these guys?! Instructions are found here.

from Christy Robbins
How cute are those snowmen marshmallows?!  There are a ton more ideas out there.  These are just a couple of fun and crafty (read-cheap) little things you can easily pull together for your little ones, whether you have a classroom full of kiddos, your own children, or any other little elf on your list.


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