Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Christmas by Emily Henderson

The other day I watched Emily Henderson's holiday special, in which she transformed a Southern California couple's large living and dining room into a winter wonderland.  Just kidding.  But she did restyle the room and then get it ready for the holidays and the upcoming Christmas gatherings the couple would be hosting.  She chose blues and greens to decorate the space, and carried those colors through with the Christmas decorations, since the couple didn't want anything too formal or classic.

The episode included a lot of do it yourself type projects that actually really seem do-it-yourself-able (to me, at least, diy projects end up being diy and then pretend you never did it and never show anyone the horrific results).  She made garland from styrofoam balls, Christmas trees from books and atlases, art from old maps, and perhaps most inventive and awesome of all, snowmen from vintage globes.  The snowmen are actually kind of weird, but I think that is part of the draw for me.  I love vintage globes, and I know Rebecca does too (she's collecting them for Britton's room).  I love the idea of such an iconic winter decoration done with such a cool twist.  These snowmen (although I think I will try for just a snowman) are definitely on my to do list.  I'm really hoping to go to the Long Beach antique show next Sunday, where I'm sure I could pick up some globes on the cheap (hint hint, Rebecca and Kim!).  
How cute are these guys?!

Cute little baby snowman
 The color scheme was carried over into the dining room, where they went with a darker wall color to make the space more inviting.  It also makes the accent colors really stand out.

 I love the set up on this side table (banquette?  not sure) in the dining room.  While I think the little gold deer is super sweet, I think it looks like it is going to the bathroom.  You can't tell in this picture, but it is doing a little crouching movement.  But still super cute.  What I adore in the picture above is that piece of artwork.  I love the soft, muted colors (see what I mean about the accents popping?!).  I want it. 

This is a picture of the tree (obviously) and some more of those gold deer.  I personally wouldn't want a peace sign wreath, but it's cute and creative for teens or kids (or this couple, obviously).  Maybe even more than the snowmen, I love, love, love this ship in a cloche with snow around it.  So simple, and so sweet!

I had a perfect little terrarium that would have been a nice home for a little ship (I don't have a little ship yet, but I already have one in mind that I have seen at a local antique store).  Notice that I used the past tense of had regarding the terrarium.  Unfortunately it broke, thanks to a little chick that turned into a rooster who was living in it for a little while (long story).  Oh well.  I guess that is just something else that I will have to keep my eye open for at the Long Beach antique show!


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