Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glitter and Mold

Rebecca has been really good about posting things for Christmas.  I have not been good about that at all.  My excuse is that the battery in my camera is dead, and my other camera is m.i.a.  And I decorated late.  And I am lazy, people.  So here is my Christmas decorations post.  I would have more pictures, which may or may not be a good thing, but the camera I borrowed from my sister went dead and I can't find the charger.  I am so pessimistic today.  I really should be in a more joyful mood, considering this is the season for it.  Anyway, here is my family room, all decked out for Christmas.
The fireplace, with a paper banner that I made the other night while
Alli and I watched the Fred Astaire movie Daddy Long Legs.

Close up of the fireplace

I decided the fireplace needed a little bit o' color, so I added some fresh greens. 
My fireplace mantle is really on the thin side, so I can't add too much stuff to it.
The whole shebang.  There's my man David, dressed and ready for the season. 
See the pinwheels on the wall?  I made those while we were watching the movie.
I like them, but they kind of remind me of mold spores.  Pretty paper pinwheel mold spores.  Nothing says "Christmas" like a little paper mold.

David wishes you a Merry Christmas.

My pretty little glittery reindeer. 
Now he feels more at home, since I added the greenery.

This is our tree.  In case you weren't sure.  I need to snap a couple pictures of it at night. 
I haven't done that yet.


I have a few of these that all have different postcard
pictures in them scattered throughout the tree.

I love these bulbs.  I think they are beautiful.

Little feathery birdy on the tree.
 There are also some birds without feathery tails. 
There are also some butterflies.
And some hydrangea, blue clusters and brown clusters. 
I would have taken a picture, but that pesky battery died.

 So that is my living room, all decked out for Christmas.  I usually put up another tree in the formal living room, and a small Jack Skellington/Nightmare Before Christmas tree in the office/den, but I just didn't have the time or energy this year.  I did manage to put up Alli's little tree in her room, though, but only because it is pre-decorated (by my very talented Aunt) and ready to go.  Anyway, Happy Holidays!


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