Friday, December 23, 2011

Sarah Richardson's Holiday Homes

I know, I know.  I am obsessed with Sarah Richardson.  I can't help it, her decorating is current yet timeless.  Here are a few different homes she has prepared for holiday celebrations.  I wish there were more pictures available (I may have to take my own).  Which party would you like to attend?

Sarah Richard and husband Alexander Younger's house in Toronto Canada

Preparing for guests in her fabulous dining room. Check out those striped silk drapes!

Sarah's decorates her Christmas tree in her Toronto home, 
Sarah and Tommy decorate a cute little tree at the entry of her house with advent gifts for her daughter.

Sarah made these pecan puffs for her party. I want to try these, they sound really good and they are pretty.

While Sarah's city house is amazing, I would want to spend Christmas at her farmhouse.
The massive tree is placed between the living room and dining room and can be seen from the kitchen as well.

A simple boxwood garland adorns the kitchen stairwell.
The warm and lovely dining room has blooming narcissus as the only decoration.
An outside view of the farm during the holidays.


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