Thursday, February 16, 2012

Film Inspiration: An American In Paris

Most movie critics agree that the 1951 musical An American In Paris is one of the best musicals ever made.  From an aesthetic standpoint how can anyone in the design industry disagree?  Even today there is still freshness and inspiration found in every frame.  From it's lovely stars and their costumes to the visually stunning sets, see if you also are in love with An American in Paris.

An American In Paris. 1951.

Kelly says a joyful "Good morning" from his Paris apartment.

How about this fabulous emerald green roadster!

What do you think: would you rather a lavish Parisian abode like Kelly's rich friend?  Or a humble and charming plaster abode where Kelly's character already lives?

Lesley Caron, discovered by Gene Kelly, in her film debut.

The first time we see Caron is in this "dream" scene.  I love how theatrical the set is...over- the- top Parisian.

The movie is so visually stunning!

One of the world's greatest song and dance men.  You've got rhythm and music, who could ask for anything more?

Well...a fabulous Parisian penthouse wouldn't hurt.

 Living is an art in this French inspired living room.

I like the addition of mauve in this modern meets old-world space.

paris apartment of designer l'wren scott
Paris apartment of designer I'wren Scott


If I were single, this is the feminine space I would want to live in.

This room would be more suited to the monied cross- section of France, like Kelly's patron in "An American In Paris."

Cote sud
This space actually reminds me more of the movie "Daddy Long Legs," with Leslie Caron and Fred Astaire, at the French school where Caron's character is first spied by the well-to-do Astaire.

The French are masters of the "imperfectly perfect" look.

This room has the quintesential French appeal of rustic plaster and sparse furnishings mixed with fine elements like the crystal chandelier and intricate woodwork.

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