Friday, February 17, 2012

Schumacher pillows and fabric

Etsy is a great source for a lot of things.  I am hoping that it will provide us with the fabric I need for the pillows for my bedroom.  Rebecca found some gorgeous fabric that would be perfect for a couple of European shams.
Isn't that beautiful?!  There are a couple of problems with it, though.  For one thing, it is Schumacher, a brand that is only available to licensed designers.  Second, it costs something like $150 a yard.  Whew!  That's a lot of money for a little fabric.  But.  A yard would be about enough to make the shams, and since that would be the focal point of the bed, it would almost be worth the splurge,  if I could get the coverlet cheap enough.  So Rebecca and I will be trolling the internet, and sites like ebay and etsy to see if (fingers crossed!) someone puts some of this fabric up for sale.  Heavily discounted.  In the meantime, I am loving these pillows that are available on etsy.  They are all Schumacher fabric, or at least they are the items that came up when I searched for Schumacher.  I don't think I can use any of them, but maybe you can.
$105, available here
I like that this is kind of an ugly take on the Chevron/Ikat trend

Hot House Flowers available here

Nice little nautical vibe, available here

Available here

I'm pretty sure you can tell what colors I'm drawn to- rich blues, oranges, teals... I can't wait for my bedroom to be done!




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