Friday, February 3, 2012

Maps: Home and Fashion Inspiration

This is really cute. Cover anything with a map, add a ship and I'm on board!

Maps, maps everywhere!  I have always loved maps and I believe Lori has too.  This season it is also a really big trend and there are some incredibly creative ways to decorate with maps.  Lori didn't get that amazing explorer skirt she wanted but there are some other great options here that might help ease the disappointment.   Take a look!

Here are two trends rolled into one: fake animal head made from a map image.
I love blue and green together. These shades of blue and green, inspired by the map, are so fresh.
Love all of this
Such a great idea: map cut into three sections then framed separately.

I have always loved these dressers. They really are quite classic but are having a great moment now.
I have done this with fabric but not a map! Great idea.
Map gallery wall.
A temporary way to add some fun and color.

#map #scarf
map scarf. Perdy.

I really want this locket so no one buy it!

world bracelet
world cuff bracelet

Lori found these beautiful, almost origami like, map dresses.

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