Saturday, February 4, 2012

On being classy.

I found a new book that I need in order to make my life more complete.
It is an etiquette book with the tagline, "Be a lady, not a tramp."  It is supposed to be a funny little read, but full of important etiquette tips that I think are important and would like to not only embrace, but to share with my daughter as she gets older.  Hopefully after reading this book I will just be affirming that I've been doing at least some of the right things.  I would hate to read Very Classy only to realize that I am, in fact, a tramp.  I'm pretty sure I'm safe on that point, though.
I love how Derek Blasberg, the author, talks about being a lady versus being "overly tanned alcoholic club rats." He doesn't mince words, and I like him all the more for it!
Here's the original, which was so overwhelmingly popular that he wrote the follow up, above.

If you look closely at the cover art, you'll notice that at the top there is a Lady, while at the bottom there is a tramp.  I seriously love this book already.  And apparently so do a lot of others, which is heartening in today's world of tabloid trash and reality t.v. star queens.  Maybe there's hope for a brighter, chic-er future after all. 


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