Thursday, February 9, 2012

Herself the Elf

Spring time makes me think of these adorable books I had as a child called "Herself the Elf."  I also had one of the figures and a record of the stories too.  The illustrations are pretty and pastel and the books have little pop- up flaps with pictures underneath.  My daughter loves these because she can lift them up as I read.The books were published by the Hallmark brand, like "Strawberry Shortcake," but they were not as popular.  I really wish they would be brought back.
The images are so delicate and pretty.


I have all the season books for my daughter.

The record that I still have. I just love the cover image.

I like to use old record covers as art.  Here it is in my hallway, perfect with its pastel shades to welcome spring!  It would be so sweet in a nursery, don't you think?
Herself the Elf doll
I would love to throw a "Herself the Elf" party for my daughter sometime.  Hmmmm.

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