Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Legendary Bunny Williams

When I look at a room decorated by Bunny Williams, I see a space that is complex; it is layered and purposeful, but never overdone.  There seems to be an overriding traditional style, sometimes it is even very formal but the genius comes in how she is able to sprinkle in "odd" or unique pieces to add  playfulness and livability.  Something else that I have noticed is her play on the unexpected mix of decor we are used to, for example:  the photo below is of an outdoor garden patio.  We usual think of the patio as a casual spot to entertain, but look what she did!  She turned it into a formal space which makes it ironic and fun.  The same goes for the bathroom below.  The artwork and chandelier look as though they belong in a formal living or dining room, but are just as beautiful and appreciated in the bathroom.

Formal garden dining room. Completely amazing.

Bathroom or dining room?
How is it possible to create a room of formal, traditional elements that still feels so homey?
Just look at this living room.  At first glance it looks formal and traditional, but notice how the furniture is placed.  Books are stacked, occasional tables are numerous and there is a sense of ease and "kick your feet up" warmth.

Stuffy? No. Rich? Absolutely
 Look at this mix:  Library/ intimate breakfast table.  After all, most of us don't live in homes with rooms that designate use.  We do many things in the same room.
Comfortable, traditional, unique.

   How do such complex spaces seem so harmonious and natural?  Well, my hope is that if I look at these pictures long enough, Bunny Williams talent will rub off on me....I can dream can't I?

Bunny Williams (as if I had to say)

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