Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lori's Bedroom: Paint

Here is a little sneak peak at what has been going on in Lori's bedroom project.  We have painted her walls a beautiful shade of grey-blue and the center portion of her ceiling (it is a tray ceiling) a gorgeous shade of teal in a super high gloss.  I am usually not a fan of glossy paint but since it is on her ceiling, and it is a dark color, it needs to reflect the light.  It helps it from feeling closed in or oppressive.  I love the drama the ceiling adds, but the light wall color keeps the room soft.  No pictures of the room yet!  It will be a surprise.

Pensive Sky

Here is the color "pensive sky" in a room.  I found multiple pictures of rooms in this color as it seems to be a favorite among bloggers and designers.

totally teal by Glidden

Remember that adorable post Lori did on designer Emily Henderson's Christmas decorating project with the snowmen family?  Well, I just found out that I chose the exact same color for Lori's ceiling as Henderson did for that room!

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