Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fornasetti Wallpaper

Cosmopolitan Hotel closet-
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I did a post recently on the Cosmpolitan hotel in Vegas (because I love the commercial and song!), which led me to do a search on the hotel itself, to see what decor they went with.  One of the images was of a closet.  What kind of hotel showcases an empty closet?!  It might not make much sense, unless you look at the back of the closet, which is covered in Fornasetti wallpaper.  What a cool touch!  In the spirit of that closet, here are some more amazing wallpapers by Fornasetti.  Wallpaper was so big in the eighties, and then went out, and was having a moment again.  No matter what, it is a big commitment.  A wall in a closet is perfect for what can truly be seen as unique art.



Ex Libris

Frutto Proibito
This last image obviously isn't wallpaper, but it is Fornasetti, and it is awesome.  It's a 1960 (out of production) storage container.
found here

Of course, if you aren't ready for wallpapering a closet, you can always paint it a fun color, like Rebecca did here.


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