Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I feel like really going all out this year.  For me, that will mean throwing my students a Valentine's Day party.  (Which might be construed as kind of sad, I guess.  Better not dwell on that one!)  While I might have grandiose ideas in my head, the end result will probably be pretty calm.  Last year I opted to make my own cards for the kids.  I got plain white index cards from the office, glued on hearts I cut out from an old book, and then added heart pencils to holes punched into the cards.  I wrote messages like, "You've got the WRITE stuff, Valentine!"  I didn't feel too bad about the obvious cheesiness of those kinds of sentiments, because Valentine's Day is pretty cheesy, no?  
I have already cut out my paper hearts for this year (one of my class library books recently went kaput, so I decided to upcycle it).  I think I may hole punch the hearts and add them to red and white barber pole style straws. 
available here
I plan on making that punch that uses raspberry sherbet and lemon lime soda, and I am going to serve it in clear plastic cups with those straws.  How cute is that?!  In my head, it is super cute. 
 I think that is what I will use my paper hearts for this year, and that way I can give my kids different Valentines.  I am loving the idea of vintage cards, like these:
Love it!  And look- they have my straws!
Available here

"Are you my Valentine?
 I'll bite!"
(Is that a threat?!)
available here

This "wood" be perfect for 5th grade, since we learn about the
Dutch East India Company and the Middle Colonies.
available here

available here

I think it would also be fun to make moustache pops for the kids, attached to cards that say something along the lines of "I MUSTACHE you a question- Will you be my Valentine?"
My brother and sister-in-law made us mustache pops for Christmas a while back, and they were a huge hit with the kids and the adults.  I know this is an older trend, but it is still a fun one!

image via Lilypad

The kids would LOVE having their pictures taken with these fun props!
Available here.
Okay, these "Super Valentines" are also super cute (and super easy, and super cheap!)
  1. from Zakka Life

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