Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Got It!

 You may recall in my "Ghost and Mrs. Muir" House post (view here) that I showed you a similar style Federal mirror.  I have had my eye on this one since Christmas but I thought it had sold.  Lori and I went back last weekend and guess what Lori found?  Yup, in a totally different area of the store and on our second time around, there it was.  Also, it was HALF the price!  It was just meant to be.
Here it is in my unfinished entryway.  I can't wait to see the walls completed (there will be tongue-and-groove boards on all walls).  For now though, I am happy when I pass this fantastic mirror.  It just makes me smile.  Thanks for looking down, Lori!


  1. What a find! It looks great. Good thing Lori has such a keen eye.


  2. Thanks! I just love it and I owe it all to Lori's spotting, as you say. Now I need to find one for her!




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