Monday, February 27, 2012

We Wear Short Shorts

I love finding pretty new things to look at.  And funny things.  And that is why I love it when blogs I like list their favorite blogs that they like, because chances are, I will like them too.  So I was looking at Habitually Chic when I wandered on over to A Lovely Being.  Both are truly lovely websites.  A Lovely Being recently featured the Greenbriar Resort, where they have rooms decorated like this:

photo by Cooper Carras for Matchbook
Vindication!  Rebecca recently did a post that featured that type of mirror -AND- she just chose that paint color for my bedroom ceiling and for my closet.  Love it! (update- if you read yesterday's post, you'll see that Rebecca bought a similar mirror for her entryway.  Love it!)
Anyway, over on the website, there was a post about French pop star Yelle's video, Comme Un Enfant.  She describes the video as "pink," and "catchy," and she describes Yelle as "Audrey Hepburn meets Lady Gaga."  Well, of course I had to check that out.  My favorite thing about the video are a pair of shorts the singer wears.  They are high-waisted, short, black, retro yet modern, and I love them.

If I had legs like that, I would definitely be getting a pair of those shorts.  And they seem to be cropping up all over.  I found another pair on the blog  Anna del Russo.
from Japan Vogue

Rebecca pinned these on pinterest;
you can see them here
Carven Spring ready to wear-
 these are perhaps a little more "wearable"

image via Chad Syme on pinterest, the Natty Gal
Jason Wu Spring 2012
I have a pair of high-waisted denim shorts that I practically lived in last summer, so I am glad to see that this trend is not over just yet.  Not everyone can pull of super short shorts, but high-waisted styles tend to be universally flattering.  You don't have to go super short, but you can wear them shorter because the high waist balances them out.  
I won't be going super short when I sport this look, but I will definitely be wearing some of these high-waisted lovelies when it warms up enough.  Which I'm starting to think is never going to happen, the way these little winter storms keep blowing in.  There's supposedly a chance we'll get snow.  That's the word on the street, anyway.  So later, when it is warm enough that I won't spend the whole day cursing the cold, I will be pairing my high waisted shorts with all kinds of tops, many of which I am sure are still at the stores, just waiting for me to purchase them and take them home to my ever expanding closet.

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