Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY: Clowning Around

Gwenna has become obsessed with Halloween.  The kid is asking to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas 24 /7.  She is now 4 years old and in this photo she is 2.  She starts pre-school today (tears) so what is a mommy to do, but plan for the next holiday...Halloween! 

My mom and I made this costume for her.  It was super easy.  Tons of tulle attached to elastic with fluffy colorful, metallic balls sewn to it randomly.  A piece of ribbon creates a halter around her neck.  
The head piece is a metal circle found at Jo Anne knotted with tulle and then little bells were sewn randomly throughout. The finishing touch is to add streamers of ribbon at the back.  It was the perfect costume for my little clown princess!  
I can't wait to see what she decides to be this year...Maleficent, or Violet from The Incredibles?  I just don't  know yet!

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