Friday, September 7, 2012

Freaky Find Friday: Carpet Kid

I popped in at one of my favorite antique haunts last week.  I turned around and I saw....this.  What is it?  Well, it appears to be a framed oval of carpet.  I really didn't know about carpet arts and crafts.  I'm thinking that this carpet crafter doesn't either because the little girl featured in this piece has a few odd characteristics:  she has no legs for one.  Maybe said crafter ran out of space for proportional appendages and we are to imagine them crossed under her dress?  And why is she holding a rose over her head?  It looks like she intends to hit someone with it; except that I can't figure out why her hand is clenched like that with her thumb out.  Maybe she is hitch-hiking and the rose is payment (like in Beauty and the Beast).  Oh, I know: she was playing ring around the rosy and she fell down...and pricked her...thumb?  Okay, I still don't know.  Might I just say that this little girl's mom lets her wear a LOT of eye- liner.  She looks like a bit of a tarte; very "Pretty Baby" a la Brooke Shields.  
Whether or not my surmizings are correct I must wonder where one might hang carpet art.  Perhaps if it is hung low your cat might admire it and give it a good scratch.  That's it!  It's made for cats! You know, T.S. Eliot's brand of cat.  The ones that sing and dance late at night. They would definitely appreciate fine carpet art hung by their litter box.

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