Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion for Kids: Get thee to the Gap

The Cat and I went to see Mary Poppins this past weekend, and then we headed on over to Third Street Promenade for some shopping.   We stopped in at the Gap, where I immediately fell in love with this PERFECT cardigan (damn it, it is sold out in my size online).
Cardigan Perfection.

But. We weren't there for me; we were there for the Cat. And a good thing, too, because Gap has got some great pieces for fall (for grownups and kids alike!). We headed downstairs to the children's section, turned the corner, and were greeted with a treasure trove of fabulosity. Pint sized fabulosity. Some really great pieces that will allow my daughter to dress stylishly. As in our preferred form of style. As in classic and chic. Because what young girl shouldn't be able to dress in such a way that is both classic and chic, and yet still says, "I'm a kid"?! I don't think kids need to wear shirts covered in big headed girls speaking in other languages (although those can be cute too), or emblazoned with sparkly/glittery fruit or happy faces. That is fine for some, but the Cat prefers glam over glitter (though she and I both know glitter definitely has its own special place). So, anyway, without further ado, here are some of our favorite offerings from the Gap.
Tweed.  Lovely, lovely tweed.
Gap knows a good sparkle collar is right on trend, and they also know
there is nothing wrong with extending that trend to a younger generation!
Love the pairing of the sweater with shorts.
See the pieces here.

These are kid socks, but I'm telling you , I don't care!
I want some for the Cat, and I aslo want a pair!

How cute is this?  Polka dot socks with ankle boots.

Awww, who 's a cute little mannequin?
You are.  Oh yes, you are!


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