Monday, September 3, 2012

Favorite Thing: Vintage Trophies

Trophy Cup Utensil Holders

Here is my newest find: an antique trophy to be used in numerous ways throughout the year.

When I saw this picture on pinterest, it got me thinking: a practical use for vintage trophy cups?  Sign me up!  I love beautiful, vintage pieces but more than that, they have to have a purpose.  Here are a few great reasons to go out and get your own vintage trophies...

If you are not like me and can love something just because it is beautiful, how lovely is this?

Here they are used in a grouping as vases in this pretty Christmas entryway holding poinsettias.  

This is a great way to make a more modern visual statement.  I like the sculptural look of the trophy with the moss ball on a mantle or sideboard.  

Vintage Trophy
I love this!  Such pretty alternatives to traditional vases.

I plan to use my new trophy filled with ice to chill a bottle of wine at my upcoming white Christmas cocktail party.

Next summer I have already decided to give my daughter a pony party (I know, I have 10 months and I am already planning).  My trophy will come in handy for this event as well.

There are so many uses for these trophies!  I am on the hunt for a few more...

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