Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspiration: Sarah Richardson's Master Ensuite

Last weekend, Rebecca invited me over to watch a film classic (Cover Girl), to enjoy some drinks and snacks (Framboise and caramel marshmallow popcorn), and to catch up.  I got to her house after her kiddos had gone to bed and I had dropped the Cat off at my parents' house, and she started the movie, and we got to talking.  Among various other subjects, we started talking about my bedroom lamps, and what we were going to do for shades.  This discussion led to Rebecca switching the movie over to her cache of Sarah Richardson shows that she has saved on her dvr.  There was one master bathroom in particular that Rebecca wanted to share with me because it is so. damn. AMAZING. 
image via decor pad
First, let me tell you that this picture, while gorgeous, does not do the room justice. 

image via Parkdale Avenue
This master ensuite was done during season 4 of Sarah's House.  The room is almost 200 square feet, and there are custom upgrades throughout.  Did you know that if you  buy a track home during its construction phase, you can make minor changes to the floorplan and the built ins?  Sure, you can do upgrades, but you can also modify some pieces, like Sarah and her partner Tommy did to the vanity.

image via Design Maze

To cut costs, they kept the basic vanity that came with the house, but made some minor modifications.  The middle became recessed, and the doors and drawers have recessed panels, which Sarah fitted with custom cut antiqued mirrors.  The result is stunning.

image via Design Maze
image via Design Maze
What a relatively easy upgrade!  Not the recessing-the-middle-bit, but you could change out your preexisting cabinet doors with recessed panels and have mirror cut to fit.

image via Design Maze
(This site is a treasure trove of great house pictures!)
That picture does a little more justice to the ming green natural stone- the color is so beautiful!

If you get a chance, be sure to catch this episode of Sarah's House, season 4.  It is unbelievable!


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