Thursday, September 20, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Skirt and Tank

Here is a really easy outfit that I put together since it is still so very hot outside, despite the fact that it is mid-September.  When you live in the desert, you know that the desert doesn't give a damn what month it is; it is going to be extremely hot, and then extremely windy, and then extremely cold because it is so extremely windy.

But I digress.  (I do like a tangent!)

I found this skirt at Forever 21 over the summer and fell in love with the color and the print.  I also like that it has a gathered waistband- built in belt!  I bought a different shirt to wear with this skirt, as I was, at the time, thinking ahead for school, but that shirt is long sleeved and it is much too hot for long sleeves right now.

So I decided I needed to pair the skirt with something a little more summery.  This black tank, which has a fun ruffle detail on the front, fit the bill just fine.  Add to that some gold bracelets and some black flats, and you have an instant outfit on your hands.

It has worked well for the weekends and even for a casual Friday work outfit.

Rebecca noted the cut outs on the flats mirror the pattern on the skirt.
(Damn, I'm so good, I don't even realize when I do things like that!)

Apparently, something over there caught my attention.

The shade is what caught my attention.

Apparently I am very happy that we moved to a shady
patch, and I am celebrating by standing like an off-kilter,
perhaps drunken, ballerina.

skirt:  Forever 21
tank: Marshalls, forever ago
shoes: tillys
bracelets: Dillards, Monsoon, vintage, thrifted


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