Saturday, September 29, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Vintage Faux Fur Coat

 I got this fabulous faux fur coat with a built in belt and gorgeous jewel buttons for $35!  You read that right, $35.  It is the most glamorous thing in my wardrobe this fall/winter.  I like it paired with a combination of casual and classic elements: tie- front blouse, skinny jeans and leopard pumps.  It would be equally great with an evening dress.

After I bought this coat I saw something almost exact in the pre-fall Vogue.  Moschino and Nina Rici (among other designers) are showing a  lot of crushed fur coats like mine.  And here I thought I was being original!

 All photos by: Kyungmoo Ryu

 coat: Vintage
blouse: T.J. Maxx
jeans: target
pumps: Nurture
sunglasses: Kenneth Cole
bag: vintage
ring: gift


  1. I love the style of these Faux Fur Coats. That's why I finally bought one myself. I got it at Burlington Coat Factory and it was $50 less than I had seen it for anywhere else. I can't wait until I can start wearing it everywhere.

  2. Fur coats are far more versatile than some would think. Awesome deal on yours too! Thank you for sharing!


  3. I definitely think that you rocked that faux fur coat, and I think you got a really good bargain for it. Anyway, I’ve read online that you have to avoid wearing your faux fur coat when there is rain or snow because water can damage the coat’s lining and synthetic fibers.

    Joel Salmon

  4. Thanks Joel! I image it is true that faux fur and rain/snow don't work well together. Luckily (at least regarding this subject) I live in the desert where it rarely rains and almost never snows. Thank you for your comment.



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