Monday, September 10, 2012

Minor Obsession: Alternate Histories

My brother and sister-in-law went to the Renegade Craft Fair over the weekend.  They live in Chicago, where the fair took place.  I am jealous.  Becky had a luncheon for friends and made some of my favorite foods that were made on our visit there, like this delicious ginger fruit salad and Darjeeling infused rum.  Anyway.  I was talking to my brother and asked if Becky had fun at the fair, and he said yes, but she would have had more fun if she had bought as much stuff as he did.  One thing she did get, though, was an altered map poster by etsy shop Alternate Histories.  It sounded awesome, so she gave me the info to look it up on Etsy.  Obviously I loved it, because now I am writing about it.  It is brilliant.  I am definitely ordering something so I can frame it and hang it on my soon to exist gallery wall. 
The Beast in Boston Harbor
Part of what I love about these is that there is a little back story to them.  In this print, it explains that Boston Harbor had a sea monster of some sort that would periodically attack the townsfolk.  It was a brave and resourceful group that realized that the bitterness from tea leaves would kill the monster.  Unfortunately, the British mistook the dumping of the tea as an act of defiance, and a whole war began over it.
The Columbian Atomic Space-Craft

I love me some Chicago World Fair history, and this print shows an atomic powered space craft that was unveiled at the fair.  Nice!
I'm thinking that I would like the the Boston Harbor print.  I can show it to my students.  How fun would that be for an assignment?!  They would have to first research and write about a real event we cover in our history class, and then provide a picture for an alternate history for the same event.  Fun.   Probably too confusing.  Oh well.  At least I can have the print hanging in my house, right?!

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