Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inspiration: Moby- Dick

Like so many others, I read Moby Dick in college.  And like many others I had to go through it pretty quickly to keep up with the pace of the class.  I saw it on my bookshelf about a month ago and decided that it deserved another (more thorough) read.  I enjoyed every line of this book, and even though the actual whale story only takes up about 80 of the total 521 pages, you won't lose interest because each chapter becomes its own metaphor in a separate genre but works together within the same metaphysical themes of the novel.

Here are a few Moby-Dick inspired items--many of which are on my wish list.

This ship guide comes in handy when reading Moby Dick. Helpful and decorative.  That is a great combination. 

Lori and I both love a good ship painting.  I would like this one in my son's room.
via swindermanelias
Pretty great.  It work in a library or office but it would also be perfect in a kid's room.  I like pieces like this because they are functional as well as beautiful.

Moby Dick clutch.  It's just fun.

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Wine stop.  I think I need this.
Again, functional but with a sense of humor.  
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Believe it or not my son's first pet was a fish named Ishmael.  Britton couldn't say fish so it came out "Ish."  Ishmael would have been right at home in the belly of this whale.

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