Saturday, September 1, 2012

Inspiration: Bringing up Baby

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"I can't give you anything but love, Baby!"
Leopard is literally the ultimate chic accessory, here.  Kathrine Hepburn charms in Bringing Up Baby(1938).  This is one of my very favorite screwball comedies. 

I found this fun compilation of scenes put to the movie's theme song, "I can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby", sung by Doris Day.
This is such a great picture.  I love how Hepburn is wearing polka dots through much of the movie, too.

Here is Gwenna when she was a year old, wearing what?  Leopard shoes, that's right!

I'm dressing my baby in leopard this fall too:  Lori bought this perfect little leopard lined trench coat for her daughter this season.  I saw it and had to have one for Gwenna too.  I found a cute pair of leopard ballet flats as well.  Here are a few outfits she will be wearing soon!

 The coat is a tad big for her, but it doesn't really matter because the lining is so chic I can fold up the sleaves.
With her little crop jeans anyone of any age could wear this.  Classic.
leopard print flats buy here
Trench coat from Fovever 21.  Not available online.

I'm bringing up a chic, happy, baby!

More adorable leopard finds for your baby!
From summer to winter.

Little girl's leopard romper by Alice + Olivia via polyvore


Carters dress coat via ebay.com

 lavender fields home

Realistic Snow Leopard Stuffed Animal by SOS
via become

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