Thursday, March 14, 2013

Inspiration: Watery

You have to understand:  Officially it isn't even spring yet, but today it was almost 80 degrees where we live!  Last week we had snow in our local mountains.  It is craziness and my poor decorator's heart is completely off-balance.  I am dying for watery anything at the moment.  I know it is super early but look at these beauties:
Beach Laundry 48 x 48, Oil on Panel
pinterest via carlalinezhurley

via etsy
"All Together" via bunnetinedreams
I am loving this little painting available here.  
Does this little beauty look familiar?  It should.  It is from the movie Something's Gotta Give.  You know, the fabulous painting over Diane Keaton's bedroom mantle.  I don't think it is available at present but I saw that one sold for $2000 on ebay in 2011.  There has got to be another source, though.  So beautiful.

Here is my little girl in her mama's sunglasses.  I absolutely adore this picture.  The warm weather is upon us...at least this week.



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