Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Puppy, Happy Home

Ever since we got our new puppy--a whole week and 6 days ago--I learned that we needed a LOT things to go with said little fur ball.  Just like a baby, there are things you need and quite a few things you just want for them.  I have been having fun doing a bit of shopping and making our little pooch right at home.

Happy Puppy

Photo: I love this one.
Photo: Sacked out before trick-or-treating.
As you can see, my kiddos are in love and I think Mr. Chips is too.  

I was afraid our home's style might be compromised by having a puppy around but I have found out that it needn't be the case; there are tons of stylish options available in dog beds, food storage and bowls, even puppy toys!  I'm hoping that if we keep him busy with his own fun toys and chew treats he will leave our stuff alone...so far, so good.
We hope you enjoyed your (hopefully) long weekend and that you were able to say "thank you" to our Veterans in your own way.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Such a cute pup! :)

    And I love Pet Head products- great line.


  2. he is sooooo cute! and it's nice there are so many stylish dog accessories now.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

    1. Thanks Jackie! Yes, too many awesome doggie things for me to choose from...




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