Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's Sarah Richardson Up To These Days?

Since I follow Sarah Richardson on Instagram and Facebook I have been seeing a lot of snippets from what America has been missing out on, namely Sarah Richardson's new show, Real Potential.  I am so sad that we only ever get old re-runs of Sarah's shows and never the latest--not to say that I don't watch the re-runs religiously--and it would be wonderful to see what's new.  Well, at least we can stare at the gorgeous images of her latest rooms!  Not only does Sarah have a new show, but she also has a new fabric line by Kravet available here.  She is one busy girl!  I am loving everything.  See if you don't...
Here is a gorgeous dining room project from Real Potential.  I love the color palette; it is classic Sarah.  How about those chairs and the chandelier!
via design maze
Here is another space from Real Potential.  The bold mix of blues make it a wow space but it isn't over-the-top.  
via Rambling Renovators
If you can believe it, these images are of Sarah's office.  That's right, office.  She uses a section of her office to display her new fabrics and furniture line.  Pretty spectacular.
via Rambling Renovators
I am really hoping that whatever problem has been going on to prevent Sarah's newest show from being aired here in the US is being ironed out, because there is an impatient audience waiting for a little Sarah and Tommy magic on our sets!  Also, I hope you check out Sarah's fabric line.  I'm heading over there right now.
I hope the rest of your week is fantastic!


  1. I love the designers you feature. All so my style and so inspirational!

  2. I love the second space! Once I move out of an apartment and into a house, I want traditional wood chairs painted teal in my dining room. I'm def saving this for inspiration!



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