Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Wishes

I thought I'd pop in just for a minute today to wish all my fellow Thankgsgivians a very Happy Thanksgving.  For those of you who have been there, done that, or don't do it at all, I hope you have a very happy Thursday.
The Cat and I will be spending the day with family at my parents' house.  My Mom does all the cooking.  I've tried bringing stuff in the past, but have found that it was rather pointless, especially after this evening when my Mom was giving me some eggs and apples (not as random as you may think) and then saying something along the lines of, "You're not planning on making any of this food for tomorrow, are you?"  
Do you detect a little of a grrrrr there?  But, whatever- it's her show.  And she knows how to run it and execute it to perfection.
The eggs, coincidentally, are for this recipe from Ella Claire for a quick breakfast for some out of town guests who are staying at my house.
The apples are going to become delicious cinnamon apples, but I will make those later and not for tomorrow.  

Also, on behalf of Rebecca and myself, I'd like to take a moment to thank you for checking out our little old blog; Desert Girls Vintage has come to mean quite a lot to both of us, and we both love the fact that blogging has opened the door to some wonderful new friendships.  Thank you!

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