Friday, November 22, 2013

Pinecone Garland: Step-by-Step

Ever since I did that pinecone post a few days ago, I have been obsessing over making a few pinecone decorations.  I looked at a some DIY pinterest posts and then got to work.  I am the type that has to dive right in and figure it out as I go, but I do like a few guidelines to start with.   I include a bit more detail than the tutorials I saw, so for those of you who like more instruction--here ya go!
1.  Collect or buy far more pinecones than you think you might need.  It is amazing how fast you will go through them.  Have a variety of sizes but make sure they are open pinecones for this project because you need the wire to go into the opening of the pinecones so they don't slip out.  You will need: wire cutters, 26 guage florist wire, twine, & scissors.
2.  Determine the length of your garland with your twine.  
3.  Cut a long length of wire about 12 inches per 2 pinecones (longer if your pinecones are really large) you wish to attach at a singe time.  Bundling them this way helps to keep it looking full and the process goes along quicker.  Wrap the wire around the base circumference of the cone making sure the wire is tightly twisted around each, then the remaining wire can be used to attach the cones to the twine and later to other pinecones (this comes in handy on the ends where the wire can easily slip off if it is wound around the twine only).
4. Take the twine down to attach your first few pinecones and then put it back where you intend it to stay.  I found this to be the best way to work because the garland gets really heavy and you want to be able to see how it is looking as you go.  Make sure it is tightly secure.
The entire process took me around 2 hours.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon!  Wouldn't it look pretty with a few ornament balls mixed in? I left a bit of space so if I decide to do, so I still can. If you have a darker spot, maybe paint the pinecones white or spray them with fake snow; even weave in a strand of lights.  There are so many things that might be done to change up the look of this project.
Remember what I said about not using the closed pinecones for the garland?  Well, I used those ones for this little pinecone tree!  Worked out nicely.
Happy Friday Everyone!  I am so excited because my family will be on vacation this next week and we have lots of little things planned.  Nothing extraordinary, but we want to decorate our Christmas tree.  I am going to a special concert of Mozart's Requiem, also featuring an original score entitled, "Dealey Plaza" a Requiem for J.F.K on the 50th anniversary of his assassination, composed by my friend and conductor David Newby.  Also, Lori is a doll and and got us tickets to see the 50th anniversary Dr. Who episode.  I can't wait!!
Now, I want to know what you plan to do this weekend.


  1. Beautiful, traditional garland - you've inspired me to try something similar and I think I'll add some sparkle to it too :o). Xx


  2. How darling–I adore that little pinecone tree!

  3. Thank you everyone!
    Hope you are all having a great weekend:)


  4. I would never of thought pine cone garland would look so awesome! I love it! The pine cone tree is so cute!

  5. This sure is a lovely & great DIY for the holidays....thanks for the idea!


    1. Hope you do can use it, Rebecca! That makes me very happy:)
      Thank you,

  6. Love this idea because it looks so natural! :)



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