Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm Dreaming of an (Off) White Christmas

Awww, vacation, how I have missed thee. I was so looking forward to this week, since, being a school teacher, I have it off.
 Little did I know, however, that I was going to wake up Saturday morning achey and miserable with a temperature.  Boo, I say. Boo!  I mean, come on, karma, what the hell have I done to deserve this?!  But, alas, I dragged myself out of bed and got myself ready and drove over to the last place I worked before becoming a teacher.
 I was a waitress, in case you were wondering.  It was a lot of fun, and I figured I'd go pay my old colleagues a visit and see if they needed any help for the holidays.  It was really nice seeing familiar faces; I haven't been a waitress in about 8 or 9 years; and it was even nicer when my manager said that yes, she could use some holiday help.
I love, love, love being a teacher, but I also really loved my previous job, and it will be nice around the holidays to have some extra income coming in.  There are always things around the house that need fixing or upgrading, and the Cat and I are supposed to take a trip this summer across the pond, and all those things require money, and while I am grateful for my job, a teacher's salary means those things all take a long, long time to save up for, so it'll be nice to have a way to make some extra cash.
In the meantime, I thought I'd put together a holiday list centered around a cream theme. I love those tees from J. Crew, and that print is one of the rules in my classroom, so I think it is pretty perfect.
(Off) White Christmas

J Crew white tee / J Crew j crew top / J Crew graduation jewelry / J.Crew gemstone earrings / J Crew cashmere scarve / Handmade home decor / Woven throw / Illume candles candleholder / Cream and Sugary Glovettes / High Street Market - 1960s Ming Style Ceramic Horse

Plus, how gorgeous is that scarf?!
I hope you are all having a fantastic week.  For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, are you prepared?  Do you have family coming to visit (or to stay)?
I do- this damn cold has put me behind schedule; I need to get the guest bedroom and bathroom ready for the guests!

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  1. I use to wait tables on college and high school and I always say you couldn't pay me to do it again! Then I became a nurse and realized how similar my job is to waiting tables!

    1. My Mom was a nurse for about 35 years, so I can definitely see the similarities between the jobs! I was lucky enough to waitress at a small country club where you had the same members over and over and got to know everyone, so I had a good experience.

  2. Oh my gosh...I love ALL of those things. ALL of them. There is something about off-white and cream that just speaks to me!

  3. John and I agree that if we ever have children, they'll wait tables–it's good money, and it teaches you so many life lessons, the most important of which are grace and kindness!

    1. Agreed; I think it's important to learn good customers service skills, and really, those are just an extension of grace and kindness!



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