Saturday, May 12, 2012

Follow Sarah Richardson's On-line Diary

Sarah Richardson's design and Inspiration Diary

I do know that I am not the only Sarah Richardson fan out there.  Here in the U.S., though, there is a shocking lack of Richardson on T.V.  I would beg HGTV Canada, if I thought it would make any difference, to please air her shows!  I watch the episodes I have recorded over and over again.  I study her rooms to learn how she is able to create such charming and timeless spaces for her clients.  She loves light and bright, but she experiments with color too.  I think her husband, Alexander Younger helps push her in the direction of bold colors because that is his personal preference.  She is, however, always true to her own aesthetic.

I follow her design diary to see what inspires her at the moment and it is fun to see how many things I have already found on my own!  I don't know if that means that I lack my own unique design style or if it is affirmation of my taste.  All I know is that I love almost everything she does and I understand her passion for all that design is and what it means to how we live our lives.  I want to meet her someday...someday soon!  

Past Entries:

Here she is:  with Tommy Smythe and Sam Penn (whose show I also miss).

Sarah likes these glasses from Crate and Barrel with "Happy" scribbled on them.  See her diary entry here

A sweet daisy arrangement in a milk glass container (hmmm, seeing daisies everywhere lately) view here
Did you know that Tommy Smythe's ( Sarah's design cohort) sister designs clothes?  She designed this jacket for the Duchess of Windsor .  You would know these things if you followed Sarah's diary!
Sarah shops China Town for dishes....good to know!  View here
Vintage china finds.  Hey, that's what I am looking for!  View here
I had to include Sarah's new puppy. Is he not the cutest thing ever?
Behind the scenes a Home and Garden show.  View here
Schumacher wallpaper fabulousness from a project.
Sneak peek at unfinished projects like her mom's new house reno.  View here
The life!  Sarah's rainy day in London town. Love her coat! View here
Kitchen/dining/living room scheme she is working on with a client.  View here
Sarah's shoe shopping spree view here
Note cards from Sunlit Letterpress inspired by Richardson's Farm powder room.

I found this fabric on my own, and Lori loved it too .  We decided we had to get it for her bedroom project, so when I was searching for it, guess who else I found loves this fabric?  Yup, see it here

               I know you will gain inspiration from Sarah's diary as well as satiate that little voyeuristic impulse.


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