Monday, May 21, 2012

Outdoor Spaces

Rebecca has been helping me with my master bedroom, and next up she has already graciously agreed to help me update my formal living room.  After that it's the kitchen, and then maybe the master bath.  What I'd like to work on in between and during is my backyard.  This time of year always makes me want to focus on that outdoor space, and to make it as cozy as I can so that we can spend our evenings outside.
image via imagine cozy

I love this outdoor space.  I want to hang curtains from my back patio the way they have done here.
image via All Pretty Little Things
image via Imagine Cozy

The checkerboard grass is perfect.  I love that and all the lush greenery surrounding the outdoor fireplace.
image via I Do I Don't Design

I really want to have lemon trees on my patio.  They don't grow well here, but my local nursery guy said he would order me a Meyer lemon tree.  I plan on putting it in a pot with locking casters so that I can wheel it into the garage during the winter.    In this space, I love the curtain details, and how they are hung from a decorative rod even though the arches extend far above the curtains.  The space is designed by Mary McDonald.  The curtain rod is custom designed and the fabric on the couches and ottomans is Ralph Lauren.
image via House and Home
I love the potted flowers in the wire hanging basket-thingy.  Gorgeous!
image via Pretty Little Things

Blue and white
image via Beneath My Heart

Nevermind outside; I want these for my living room!
image via all good things are wild and free
It seems to me I've included this picture in another post, or maybe I've pinned it, but I don't mind because that is how much I adore this space.  I love it.
image via Interior Divine

I want to climb through this little opening and go spend the day in there.
It's like a little secret garden.  I love it!
image via pinterest

image via House and Home

Windy Brae traditional landscape
I love just about any garden that looks a little overgrown and green, especially when it is through
a door or gate... very Secret Garden.


  1. What happened to your outdoor space? Since it was autumn then, with the weather still warm, it would’ve been really relaxing to spend some time there with your family. A bench would be the best piece of furniture to add if you want a cozy atmosphere.

    Angelina ^.^

  2. I love neat/tidy and creative solutions that save space like this one.Thanks

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