Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Living and Decorating With Books

Books are the reason Lori and I met and became friends.  Books are often my source of happiness.  But books are also physically beautiful, that is, if they are not of the paperback variety.  Old books are especially appealing in piles or on shelves. They make a room cozy and take away any sterility. I also like the idea of covering books to make a uniform statement.  You just can't go wrong with books!

   I need to check this book out.  A book about books--I love it!  Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Kramer writes a coffee-table book about coffee-tables.
love this:  bookcovers are photocopied french ledger pages
I really like the color of these book covers...hmmm, I might just be inspired enough to tackle my library.  
via Cozy Bliss
Bundles of old books look like gifts on the shelves.  It is a nice decorative treatment.
More great book covers.
via Muralo
I think this is interesting:  A birdcage filled with books.  It would be great in a small space where bookshelves are not possible.  It offers storage in a visually pleasing and unusual way.  
via meadow lake
This is the same concept as above but applied to shelves.  The books are risers for other objects.
via aphro chic
Designer Nate Berkus is a proponent of books as decorative objects.  They are great to raise the level of other things on a table, like this lamp and framed picture.  I do this a lot myself, and I like having my books close by because I actually read them!
If you don't mind searching a little longer for your favorite book, this is a great looking treatment with the pages facing out.
via Domythic
I adore this!  Huge antique volumes stacked to function as a table.  
gold étagère

I plan to do another post on books in Kid's rooms, so stay tuned!!!  


  1. Love these old books!! I especially like the idea of binding them together!!

  2. I know! I say leave the old books as they are and cover the ugly new ones with uniform covers.
    It is the first time I have seen that binding treatment too.
    Thanks again Cyndee!




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