Friday, May 4, 2012

More Annie Brahler: House Beautiful

home of annie brahler / house beautiful

It looks like Annie Brahler has taken it into her head to redecorate her house again!
I believe I read somewhere that she said that because she has a shop, her own house is a
revolving door to new finds when something of hers sells.  That makes sense to me!
I would love that...a constant state of design insomnia.  You can see what her house
once looked like here.  She has now chosen to go with more white and starker contrast;
 I think it is stunning.  Don't you?

annie brahler / another view ...

annie brahler / house beautiful
Image via Places in the Home
The very white kitchen is still inviting with a mix of rustic and fine pieces:  The antlers, and farmhouse sink look at home with the gold mirror and candleabra (and that beautiful golden retriever).

Image via Places in the Home
The first time I saw Annie was in an issue of Mary Engelbreit's magazine.  She is the first person I remember who was into the antlers before everyone else.

Annie son's room:  I LOVE this room (so does Lori; she pinned it on Pinterest).

Annie's teenage daughter's room: very Little Princess.
dramatic contrast ... annie brahler / house beautiful
Deep brown is dramatic in the master bathroom, but all the white keeps it fresh.

Oh, Yes!  What a closet--it looks like a high-end boutique.  

All eyes are on this collection of beautiful books.

The breakfast room is, again, a mix with its casual table and pendents along with the more formal chairs and blue and white flow ware.  As I recall, Annie has Dutch roots and I am glad to see that she kept the china in her life.

I can't wait to see what she does next!

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