Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mary McDonald

While looking for pictures for another post, I kept finding beautifully decorated spaces by the same designer- Mary McDonald.  She is based out of Los Angeles, and her spaces are rich and classic with modern touches.
image via Mary McDonald
Mary McDonald Interiors
Mary McDonald Interiors
"A well-designed room should beckon you, make you feel welcome and wanting a little bit...more."
-Mary McDonald
available here

image via Chinoiserie Chic

image via The Regency Furniture
image via Domino
This is a guest bedroom in McDonald's own house.
image via Finuca

image via Between the Boxwoods
This is the same guest bedroom as above, but you can see some slight changes that have been made.
It's kind of like playing "Spot the Difference."  I think it's fun to see how the space has evolved.
Plus, it is interesting to note the difference lighting makes in a space and for a picture.
image via House and Home

image via Let the Tide Bring Your Dreams Ashore
She has some beautifully decorated spaces, but I must admit that this last one is my favorite.  I would never go inside if I had an outdoor space like this; I would just live on this patio!  The colors pop and the placement of everything is perfection.  My current patio set is orange, which I love, but this makes me want to invest in some new furniture!
Just because it is so VERY pretty, here is a closer shot of that gorgeous patio.
image via The Pink Pagoda


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