Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Thrifted Finds

I found these duck measuring cups at the thrift store the other day.  I think they are super cute; they reminded me of something you'd find at Anthropologie.  They were marked at $1.57, though when I got up to pay, the cashier unstacked them and found that each cup was marked $1.57.  Lucky for me, she thought that was ridiculous, so she gave me the set for the low, low price of one!  Score!  I looked up "duck measuring cup" on google and found three other sets for sale- one on ebay for $17.19 after tax and shipping, one at Bonanza for $25 before tax and shipping, and one at Ecrater that was $38 (around $50 after tax and shipping)!  So I am pretty happy with my find.

And, most important, I got these lamps for my bedroom.  They are big, clunky, and very dated, but I thought they'd be great painted and with better shades.  I sent a picture to Rebecca to make sure (she is my designer, after all!), and then snatched them both up for $25.  Technically, one of them may be a little broken, as in, it doesn't actually work, but it is going to serve its purpose on one of my nightstands.  I may try to fix it- I know they have diy lamp kits.

My designer, hard at work- I can't wait to find the perfect lamp shades so we can show them off properly!

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