Friday, May 18, 2012

The Wind In The Willows

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The Wind in the Willows was first published in 1908 by Kenneth Grahame, a retired banker.  He wrote these stories for his son. The plot goes something like this:  a group of animal friends, Rat, Mole, and Badger, attempt to help their out-of-control friend Toad to his senses and give up his wild indulgences.  Toad first has a pension for horse and carriage then he discovers motor cars ext. all while Toad Hall is in jeopardy and a band of weasels move in. Toad finally learns his lesson after everything is straightened out.  Rather moralistic, however, it is highly evocative of the English countryside and this is why I like it. What could be better than a toad living in a great manor house anyway? I don't know what made me think of these stories after all these years, but I might read the book to my son if he likes.
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This claymation version of The Wind in the Willows is the movie I grew up watching.  I remember thinking that it was odd.  So odd I loved it.  There are many other versions as well, including a live action movie (1996) but I watched a few minutes of it and found it rather too strange and lacking in charm.

All these lovely images make me want to go on a picnic.  It is Spring after all. 
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As an English major I could write a good deal on the literary merits of the book, but I won't.  If you are interested, I found a site: here  It is a critique of an edition of The Wind in the Willows edited by Seth Lerer.  It is fully worth your while if you are into annotations.  I am!

Now How About That Picnic?

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I am craving a picnic.   We have the wind here, not that it is required or even wanted, now we just need the lake and the willows!

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