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The Kentucky Derby

image via Marvelous Kiddo
This weekend is the Kentucky Derby, so I thought it would be fun for the Cat and I to spend some time watching a couple of classic movies centered on horses and racing.  I also want an excuse to wear a fancy hat and to drink some mint juleps.  And then maybe head on over to the track and place a few bets.  Just kidding.  About the track, I mean; I really do want to watch some Kentucky derby-esque movies this weekend (and make mint juleps).  The first movie that popped into my head was National Velvet, starring Elizabeth Taylor.  I know the race Velvet and The Pie enter is not the Kentucky Derby, but it is still an important horse race over in England.

National Velvet, starring Elizabeth Taylor
image 1 via tvrage image 2 via imdb
The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour - 01x04 Lucy Wins a Racehorse
Episode # 04 of The Lucy-Desi
Comedy hour: "Lucy Wins a Horse."  "Whirling Jet"
is a race horse that Lucy rides to victory.
image via share tv

The other movie that popped into my head was My Fair Lady.  Actually, when I thought Kentucky Derby, the first image that popped into my head was of Audrey Hepburn in her famous black and white dress.  And when Rebecca saw that I was doing a post on the Kentucky Derby, she suggested My Fair Lady too.
 Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady
Image via Castles Crowns Cottages

In the movie, Henry Higgins takes Eliza to the Ascot Racecourse to test out her new accent.  The scene is beautifully executed, with all of those in attendance dressed in lavish outfits of grey, white, black, or cream.  The men are all in grey suits with tails.  The women have spectacular hats.  The choreography is a delight to watch, as the women turn about and navigate the area with those hats, narrowly missing hitting each other.  Eliza shows up, looking gorgeous in her form fitting white dress that perfectly shows off her teeny tiny waist.  Her hat, also black and white, is accented by a cluster of red roses.  She begins to speak about an aunt who had died mysteriously; Eliza believes she was "done in" by people who wanted to steal her new straw hat.  She goes through an entire conversation speaking of gin and murder, all the while speaking with her new high class accent.  It isn't until she starts watching a race that she slips and screams out in her old Cockney accent.  Although it is just one scene in the movie, it is definitely a memorable one, and it beautifully showcases the fun way you can overdress at the horse races.


There are, of course, many other movies that would go perfectly with a Kentucky Derby themed movie night.  You could watch The Black Stallion, Secretariat, Sea Biscuit, and a few other horse themed movies that Mickey Rooney seemed to get type cast into as the little jockey with a heart of gold. Besides National Velvet, he was in Thoroughbreds Don't Cry as a jockey, The Black Stallion, The Black Stallion t.v. show, and he was a jockey in a  Twilight Zone episode.  The list goes on.

There will be numerous Derby inspired parties and get togethers this weekend, I'm sure, and why not?  The race itself is such a tradition, and so too are the fashions that come with the race.  Like I said before, it is the perfect excuse to get dolled up in a fancy hat and to drink.
If this horse can't be in the actual race, at least it won't look out of place at the Derby!
Image via Paper

image via Southern Living
Get  the Southern Living mint julep recipe here!

image via Kentucky Derby.com
This mint julep is from the Kentucky Derby website.  You can also find a recipe through the link.
Kentucky Derby theme
Rebecca found this derby cake- how much fun would this be to add to an equestrian themed party, whether it's the Derby  you're celebrating or a birtrhday?!
Image via Pinterest
Kentucky Derby - cookies
Another great picture Rebecca found- Derby inspired cookies- look at the gorgeous details found on these ladies' hats!
Kentucky Derby cookies here
Kentucky Derby Order
The Derby order

Wondering what to wear?  This collage from The Kentucky Derby Guide
gives you a pretty good idea!

Click to view full size image
Men's hats- typically fedoras, found on The Kentucky Derby Guide

A fabulous black hat and clutch.  Notice the drink...
image via
Incorporate the competitors names into your menu cards Image via Celebrations

image via Prepfection

Look at these gorgeous photos from Southern Accents
image via
This gorgeous wedding collage is for a Kentucky Derby inspired wedding- beautiful!
image via

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