Monday, May 28, 2012

Victory Gardens Revisited

Uncle Sam in World War I Victory Garden
via The Dinner Garden
 I thought it would be appropriate this Memorial Day to think about not just our men and women who have fought for our country and are fighting now, but also those who have supported them here at home.  Most people know about victory gardens but as a reminder World War II caused the cost of many things to inflate for varying reasons:  lack of man-power, factories were needed to produce other things for the war, and transportation lines were cut off.  One way to off-set the effects of food rationing was victory gardens.
I think it was pretty amazing that so many people banded together to do what was necessary to help the war effort.  The amount of food that was produced by these backyard gardens was pretty amazing: over 5 million gardens were planted and $1.2 billion dollars worth of produce was grown (via wikipedia)

Buying Victory Garden seeds
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Gardens were planted everywhere, even on the rooftops.

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A victory garden was even planted in Central Park West.

I admire those who did their part to help the war effort.

 I have found that there is a big push for a new generation of "victory gardens" to help fight hunger in America.  It is a very good cause.

 Although it is for reasons of economy, I have my own vegetable garden.  I love the fact that I can save money on expensive vegetables.  It also makes me feel useful and connected to other generations.  There is something wonderful about seeing the actual fruits of my labor.  My children are also enjoying the experience.  I grew mine from seeds and I know first- hand just how much effort and joy goes into it. 

It was funny for me to see those roof-top garden pictures because I live in the high desert and it is SO hard to grow anything here.  We have had harsh wind storms, unexpected cold spells, extreme heat, bugs and birds.  I have learned a lot through this process and I am finally starting to see it pay off!
A side note:  Those little plants in front of the raised beds are daisies.  I planted them for my daughter's Alice in Wonderland party but I found out that it takes a full year for them to produce blooms...oh well.   Look at my tomatoes!  Too bad only my daughter and I will be eating them, but my friends and family will benefit. 
Sunflowers like it here.  We will see about the green beans, melon and cucumber.  The peas made it through the wind storm but not a friendly roadrunner.

If I can grow a garden here, anyone can.

My breakfast the other morning: arugula (from my garden) boiled eggs and bruschetta .  It was so satisfying to pick my own lettuce, wash it and eat it.
via Nebraska Studies

Thank you to all our men and women who serve in our US military (thank you baby brother).
Hope you had a wonderful, meaningful, Memorial Day!

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