Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thrifted: Lamps

So, these are the lamps that I picked up at the Salvation Army the other day for $25.  Kind of hideous, right?  Only one of them had a lamp shade, but you should have seen it.  Kind of like a damask, and really tiny, considering how huge the lamps actually are- they are good size.  Good scale, Rebecca would probably say, since she knows all about this kind of stuff.  Even though the lamps are a little ugly, I was still drawn to them.  That happens sometimes, especially with things like clothes.  I don't mind a little ugly; in fact, I like it.  I thought the lamps were interesting, the price was right, and I loved that there were two of them.  Initially, I thought that they'd be awesome painted a teal color.  Rebecca suggested teal or white, and we went with white.

It kind of looks like a gourd, no?

Here are the two of them, taped off and ready to be painted.
It is absolutely amazing what paint can do for you.  You hear it all the time, that a coat of paint can work miracles, and I think these lamps prove that sentiment to be true.  I bought white gloss primer and spray paint in one, loaded them up in my car, and brought them over to Rebecca.  She had them taped and painted in no time!  Really, it was probably less than an hour because she is such a pro at painting.

Look how fantastic these lamps are now!  The lattice work on the sides really pop with the coat of paint.  Now all that we need to find are the perfect lamp shades, and they will be ready to be put into my room.  It is definitely coming along!


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