Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vintage Horse Prints

Lori and I went shopping over the weekend at one of our favorite sources "The Barn."  Of course I was looking for teacups for Gwenna's Alice In Wonderland party, and Lori found two for me, but I stumbled upon three vintage horse prints.  They were so perfect.  I resisted and left without them even though they were only $8 each.  I couldn't stop thinking about them, though, and that was the sign that I had to go back and buy them the next day!

 I had the large matted print, which is a limited addition I got in Montana.  I think these are a great starting point for an equestrian gallery wall in our office.  I have some English stirrups that I can hang on a great hook, and I know I have a huge collection of ribbons I won when I competed a million years ago.  I must ask my mom where they are!  I can pile them in a shadow box. 

This is the effect I eventually want...
 A new project, hurray! 

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